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Flamethrower Blaze

Flamethrower Blaze

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Flamethrower Blaze

Floor - $20 (Lowest Market Value)

Ceiling - $350 (Highest Market Value)

ONE (1) Raw or Graded Card Per Box. Produced in a Series Format. The Market Value for each card is estimated at the date of packing by a team of sports card industry experts at Flamethrowers using various data points including but not limited to eBay, Card Ladder, Alt, PWCC, Goldin, Card Shows, and more! Flamethrowers is a BYB-affiliated company that has a team of 15+ full-time employees who buy, build, and curate repack products designed to provide great value and a fun rip! Their industry-leading experts are second to none as they work tirelessly to buy from eBay, Card Shows, Auction Houses, and more to produce a product everyone can enjoy. Although Flamethrowers is affiliated with BYB, to maintain the integrity of BYB’s product offerings BYB is not involved in the curation of any of Flamethrower’s products. If you have any questions please reach out to

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